All My Children Best Lines Monday 5/5/08


Provided By Gisele

Adam: That was you in the -- in the mirror?

Dixie: In the flesh. Well, not exactly. So, everyone thinks you're losing your marbles. Wouldn't it be something if you ended up in the same padded cell you had me thrown into?

Adam: You still have your sense of humor. And you look --

Dixie: Pretty darn good, huh? Considering I'm dead. You know, I've been gone more than a year and nothing's changed.

Adam: Especially you.

Dixie: I meant here in this room. That's the spot where the poison hit me.

Adam: Ah, yes. I've been thinking of having a plaque installed there to mark the spot.

Dixie: Ah -- something to remember me by? How sweet.

Adam: Yes, you've made resurrection a bit of a habit, haven't you?

Adam: Why should you haunt me? I treated you with nothing but kindness.

Dixie: Oh, right. Yes, you "kindly" shipped me off to a mental institution so you could steal my son and the only crazy thing I ever did was marry you.

[Dixie hums "You Are My Sunshine]

Adam: You used to sing that when J.R. was a baby. You may be a lousy ghost, but you were a very good mother.

Dixie: Don't try to butter me up. I should have given J.R. a better father. He shouldn't have been a Chandler. He should have been a Martin.

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