All My Children Best Lines Wednesday 4/30/08


Provided By Gisele

Tad: Zach's people, hopefully. You do know you're jetting off to one of the most dangerous territories in the world, right?

Aidan: Yeah, I do. It's my job.

Tad: My point exactly. You were better off when you were with me.

Aidan: Oh, you're going to get all bitter on me now? Is that it?

Tad: I can't help it. I've grown accustomed to your face. I'd be upset if somebody tried to shoot it off.

Aidan: They haven't made that bullet yet.

Tad: Don't get cocky. And don't push your luck.

Aidan: Thanks, Dad. I'll be careful.

Tad: I agree. So all of the sudden, you think it's a good idea to go jetting off the southern Sudan to fight for God, country, and Cambias?

Aidan: Well, maybe I'll get a big bonus.

Tad: More like a company funeral.

Tad: Since I can't talk you out of playing G.I. Jeeves, I want you to promise me one thing.

Aidan: Bring you back a souvenir?

Tad: No, watch your back. Please. You're like a brother to me. A homely, slightly less intelligent, but altogether charming brother.

Aidan: Slightly less intelligent?

Tad: But altogether charming. Let's not overlook the compliment.

Aidan: So what does that make you then -- slightly older, grey-haired bloke that's a little bit slow in the equation?

Tad: God, you talk funny.

Aidan: So you keep telling me.

Tad: I've spent a long time learning to understand what you say. I don't want that investment to be for nothing. You come back safely and quickly.

Aidan: I will. I promise

Babe: Well, a major company can't move forward without a little confidence.

Amanda: Can I have whatever happy pills you take?

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