All My Children Best Lines Monday 4/28/08


Provided By Gisele

Greenlee: Well, it's almost time for work. So we have a romantic breakfast, then we'll have a long, languid sexy dinner, and a long, languid sexy dessert.

Aidan: I want to have my pudding right now.

Greenlee: Don't you know how to wait?

Aidan: No. I never have, which is why I think we should get married real soon, because then I can spoil you rotten.

Greenlee: Have my pudding every night?

Aidan: If you insist.

Greenlee: No, I just want to kiss you goodbye, wave you off, and watch your backside in those pants.

Aidan: And there I thought you wanted me for my money.

Richie: Oh, yeah. You can count on it. Hello, gorgeous. Aren't you looking springtime sunny today.

Opal: And you are looking --

Richie: Like death is still on my shoulder, huh?

Opal: Oh, Richie. You know what I see in the tarot cards is something that might happen. It won't definitely, absolutely, positively happen. You never know.

Richie: And you saw death trying to give me a hickey. It's ok, Opal. I guess well have to die sometime.

Opal: Well, just, you know -- don't push yourself too much and don't step in front of any buses.

[Richie laughs]

Richie: Yes, ma'am. Words to live by.

Ryan: Look, I just came here to warn you, Richie. Stay away from my family.

Richie: Wow. You lost more than your memory there, didn't you, pal? You don't know who you're up against, and you're not even smart enough to be afraid.

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