All My Children Best Lines Friday 2/15/08


Provided By Gisele

Aidan (to Pete, the tailor measuring his inseam): Another inch, and you might as well put a ring on my finger.

Aidan: Thanks, Pete.

Pete: You're welcome, anytime.

Aidan: Would you look at this place? It's a single man's dream. Looks like you're going to do all right with the ladies tonight.

Josh: Not me. I'm retired.

Aidan: "Retired" -- you're not retired. You're just waiting for the right woman to come along and sweep you off your feet.

Josh: Oh, ok, Cyrano.

Aidan: You know what they say, Josh. "No risk, no reward." If I hadn't have taken a chance with Greenlee, I wouldn't be the lucky man you see here today.

Josh: Hmm.

Zach: Kendall is my wife. Whatever relationship you two had was over long before I came into the picture. You walked out on her, more than once, and I think somewhere in there, there's got to be a memory of that that's crystal clear.

Ryan: I never, ever meant to hurt Kendall.

Zach: Well, you did hurt her. You abandoned her. You toyed with her. And then you fell in love with her best friend. And you broke Greenlee's heart and left Kendall carrying your baby.

Ryan: Ok, so I'm not the only guy in the room that's made mistakes. I get that.

Zach: It has nothing to do with me or you, it has to do with Kendall. She deserves a little bit of peace.

Ryan: Trust me, that's exactly what I want, too. So I've been doing a little bit of thinking. What if I think that Kendall would be happier with me?

Zach: You think that, and you're dead wrong.

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