All My Children Best Lines Friday 1/11/08


Provided By Gisele

Hannah: Oh, God! It was all a lie! I mean, I never stopped becoming that scared 17-year-old who just wanted to be rescued! And it turns out, I'm the only woman in your life that wasn't.

Zach: You give me too much credit.

Hannah: No, don't be modest, Zach. Let me list them for you, ok? There was Maria. Then Erica Kane. You rescued her in Las Vegas. Julia Santos. Dixie Martin. Greenlee? Someone you despise? And let's not forget your beloved Kendall. What did she do to deserve such a savior? I mean, you -- you brought her baby to term when she was in a coma. You saved her from Dr. Madden.

Zach: He was an evil son of a bitch.

Hannah: Yeah, well, so was your father! And you didn't rescue me! And you didn't save our child!

J.R.: Babe? I can't find the shampoo. I'd rather not use this peach stuff. Babe?

[When the doorbell rings, J.R. answers it wearing only a towel]

J.R.: Hey, Babe, you going to get that? Oh, my --

Babe: Richie? What are you doing here?

Richie: Did I come at a bad time?

J.R.: Does this look like a bad time to you?

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