All My Children Best Lines Wednesday 1/2/08


Provided By Gisele

Richie: if we were on the outside, and I had some of my strength left, I'd take that dome head of yours, and I'd crush it like a melon. So come on, Doc, it's confession time. Tell me how you really feel.

Michael: All right. I think you're a dangerous sociopath.

Richie: Boo-yah! There it is. Keep it coming, Doc. I'm loving this.

Michael: And your death, whenever it may come, will be a relief to anyone who has ever had the displeasure of knowing you.

Hannah: You know what, Adam? I took this job because you threatened to expose what happened between myself and Alexander Cambias.

Adam: Yes, being a concubine of a convicted serial killer can put a crimp in your resume. But it was him that you didn't want to find out, isn't it? Am I right? Zach?

Hannah: I did what you hired me to do, Adam.

Adam: Mm-hmm.

Hannah: I hated myself for it, but I did it.

Adam: Spoken like a woman truly scorned. But you still love Zach Slater, don't you? You love him, you hate him. The tragedy is, he'll never know. How sad for you.

Adam: Hannah, tell me this -- was this obsessive pursuit of Zach Slater in any way reciprocated? Or was it just a fantasy of yours?

Hannah: Did you know that I could shoot a contact lens out of a person's hand with a high-powered rifle at 300 yards?

Zach: I know you made a promise to God because you wanted to come clean. I think that's very nice. What about your promise to me? What about your promise to those little boys? They're your responsibility. That is your family.

Kendall: I love my boys. I love you. You have no idea how -- how --

Zach: No, you have no idea. You have no idea what it was like in that hole, running out of food, running out of water, not knowing if I would see you, Ian, Spike ever again. And you know what? I did a little bargaining, too. I bargained with God. I said, "If you get me out of here -- if you get us out of here, I will never be separated from my family ever again."

Kendall: Please, just --

Zach: Because I should've died that day. I should've died when the car hit me, I should've died when I fell into that hole, but I didn't. I kept fighting. You know why? I wanted to be there for those boys, I wanted to see them grow up, and I fought for the privilege of seeing your face, the privilege of seeing you. And for what? What, I crawled out so I can be here and hold your hand when they tell you how many years you're going to spend in prison?

Kendall: Why can't you understand how --

Zach: I do understand, Kendall. I do. That's the problem. I understand that nothing has changed. It's all exactly the way it was when I went missing. You think you can do everything on your own. Well, you can't. That's how we ended up right here. What are we? Hmm? We're not a team. So what are we?

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