All My Children Best Lines Tuesday 11/27/07


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Jack: I just told you, we're through talking. We're through, period.

Erica: I can't accept that.

Jack: No, of course you can't, because it's not what you want, and you always need to get your way.

Erica: Why do you do that? Every time we have a disagreement, you blame me.

Jack: Let me take my share of the blame, then, because I know how you are. I know once you want the thing, you go after it, and you don't care who gets hurt or who suffers.

Erica: That's not fair.

Jack: And I have forgiven you so many times, and that was my mistake, because it led you to believe that I would always forgive you, Erica, that you could act as selfishly and as recklessly as you wanted, but good old Jack would always come around.

Jack: Yeah, you disagree -- and that's my point. You don't like the solution that I've brought to our problems, so you're creating one of your own as long as you leave here having gotten your way.

Erica: This is about us, Jack, not me. I may not be perfect, but neither are you. And for the record, I have forgiven you on many occasions, too. I don't want to open up old wounds.

Jack: Then don't.

Erica: I lost custody of Bianca because of you.

Jack: Ok, then do. You're right -- I wouldn't lie on the witness stand. I wouldn't deny that we'd had an affair.

Erica: A lot of men deny having had affairs, Jack. I only asked you to do it so I could keep my daughter!

Jack: Again, you're proving my point, Erica. I didn't do what you told me to do. I didn't give you what you wanted, and so you have held it against me all these years.

Erica: You know what? Maybe I did resent you for that, maybe I still resent you. But it hasn't changed my feelings for you. I still love you, and I still want to be your wife.

Jack: Stop it. No more. We are divorced, Erica, and we're staying that way.

Erica: Oh, fine. Ok, you can hide behind that -- that aloof facade all you want. But I know how you feel, Jack. I know that you still love me, I know you miss me. I know you want everything to go back to the way it was.

Jack: "The way it was"? And how was it, Erica? You acting out, running roughshod over anybody who got in your way, thinking only of yourself and me forgiving you -- again and again and again. Well, I can't do it anymore. I'm not Mona.

Erica: Why are you bringing my mother into this?

Jack: Because your mother, Erica, had an endless supply of love and forgiveness for you. And because she did, you presumed that everybody else did, as well. Well, I don't have an endless supply. I have my limit, and I've reached it, Erica. I am on empty. I'm done.

Erica: You can't have lost all feeling for me, Jack. That's not possible.

Jack: Why is that? Because you're the Erica Kane and there's not a man in this world who doesn't want and desire you, and I'm the lucky sap who's had the privilege for all these years? Well, you are something -- I'll give you that. You are gorgeous and tenacious and hugely successful and you could not have gotten where you are in the world without a lot of guts, and even more ego.

Erica: Thank you.

Jack: Don't be so quick to thank me. You are the woman you are today, because you are totally and utterly self-centered and self-obsessed, and I believe you are incapable of truly loving anyone other than yourself.

Erica: How could you possibly say such horrible things to me?

Jack: I can say it because it happens to be true. And if it's painful to hear, maybe you ought to ask yourself why.

Erica: Oh, I get it. You think that by saying such mean things to me, you will push me away, but you know what, Jack? Out of all the hateful things you've said to me today, only one thing counts -- you haven't once told me that you don't love me anymore.

Jack: Erica? I don't love you anymore.

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