All My Children Best Lines Wednesday 11/14/07


Provided By Gisele

Lily: Ava said that coffee is a good first date, because if it's not going well, you don't have to sit through a whole meal.

Zach: What if it is going well?

Lily: Then you can continue to date through dinner and -- she joked that if it's really going well, you can have breakfast. Which would mean sex.

Zach: Oh -- um -- I'm not sure what I'd say to that.

Tad: If you want to hop back into bed with him, that's one thing.

Krystal: Oh, oh, save it, Tad. I am a grown woman, we are adults. We can work this out.

Tad: You didn't let me finish. If you want to hop back into bed with him, that's one thing. If you want to move back in with him, that's another. You want to work it out, then fine. As far as I'm concerned, you can visit Jenny here any time you like.

Krystal: No. Now that -- that is unacceptable.

Tad: So is the idea of her living under his roof.

Krystal: I am not going to be separated from my daughter.

Tad: Well, then you're not leaving, because she's not being raised by that bastard!

Krystal: Oh -- we have to find some common ground here.

Tad: "Common --" do you realize that someday she's going to find out what he did to her? That means that someday you're going to have defend to her your love for a man that wanted to sell her to strangers. And on that day, I don't want to be standing in the living room going, "Hey, ha-ha. Under the circumstances, I thought it was a good idea if you moved back in with him."

Krystal: Tad, listen, if someday I can somehow find my way past that, then that is my business!

Tad: And if I can't, then that's mine. Krystal, how am I supposed to forget the fact that our little Jenny nearly died, because he had her locked in some scummy warehouse, because he was able to con a lunatic into kidnapping her?

Krystal: He will never do that again.

Tad: Damn right he won't, because he's coming nowhere near my daughter! Our daughter. I understand your situation. Call me selfish, I don't care. As far as I'm concerned, I am being practical. I know -- I know I have Jenny's best interests at heart.

Krystal: Oh, and her mother doesn't?

Tad: I know you do, sweetheart, but can you honestly look me in the face, honestly, and tell me that he does? I've known the man for decades. He can't put his own child first, let alone mine.

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