All My Children Best Lines Tuesday 11/13/07


Provided By Gisele

Ava: You're drunk. From last night?

J.R.: Well, can't a guy just get some fresh air?

Ava: You reek.

J.R.: Yeah, and under that wig, you're still bald.

Ava: You know, I feel sorry for Babe and -- and don't you have a little boy?

J.R.: Where do you get off?

Ava: You are a father. You're pathetic. Do your son a favor and leave him alone.

J.R.: It was one time, one time only, and it's over.

Ava: Yeah. Well, if you believe that, J.R., you're already a lost cause. How can you even stand yourself?

J.R.: This whole preaching thing part of the new you? Because it really sucks.

Ava: Just leave me alone, ok?

J.R.: You think going all Stepford wife is going to change anything, huh? Because under that little wiggy wig of yours, you're still bald and tatted. Yeah, you heard me. And your fiancÚ -- he's still a psycho murderer. I'll see you around.

Adam: Perhaps you didn't understand that I've made a reservation for the Presidential Suite.

Krystal: Oh. The Presidential Suite, huh? How -- thoughtful.

Adam: Remembered that you're kind of a -- a morning kind of girl, too.

Krystal: You dog. I -- I knew it, Adam. All this noise about wanting to be with Jenny -- you just wanted to get lucky with her mama.

Hannah: No, you know that saying that you can't miss what you've never had?

Tad: Sure.

Hannah: They're wrong. You sure as hell can.

Hannah: No, I am just the go-to girl for all sorts of dirt. And not just for Zach, but for Adam Chandler, too.

Tad: Adam?

Hannah: Yes. Why not? For the right price, services rendered. I'm just a whore.

Hannah: Ok, you know what? Zach and I have history.

Tad: Which doesn't count for much considering the fact you're prepared to betray him.

Hannah: You know what? That -- that's not true. You know, when Zach needs my help, I give it to him -- no sex involved. I guess that still makes me a whore.

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