All My Children Best Lines Monday 11/12/07


Provided By Gisele

Erica: No, I -- I am only saying that -- Jack, it's obvious that Greenlee planned this getaway all along. And yet, she had you believe that she was going to take her punishment.

Jack: The only reason we're in this courtroom right now is because your daughter framed Greenlee to make it look like she committed a crime that she did not commit.

Erica: Jack --

Jack: And right now, my daughter is out there, God knows where, with God knows how many armed officers trying to find her. And if one of them makes a mistake, she's dead, she's in the morgue -- do you get that? So don't you stand here and Greenlee-bash. If you're going to do that, just walk right out that door.

Erica: No, please -- Jack, please. Just -- please just don't blame yourself for this, please, because it's not your fault. You didn't raise her.

Jack: Is that how you're getting through this? You didn't raise Kendall, so her crime is not your fault? Is that working for you? Because let's not kid ourselves here -- the reason we're here is because of Kendall. She's not a victim in this. She did something, Erica, so hateful that the only way Greenlee could figure out how to survive it was to become a fugitive.

Amanda: And what do you have with me, other than sex?

J.R.: Fun, laughs, good times. I mean, that's what's so great about us. We have all that and none of the -- you know.

Amanda: Feelings?

J.R.: Yes! No, no.

Amanda: You are unreal. I hope you drink until your liver explodes. Here -- here you go, to make sure that you are off to a running start.

[Amanda pours a drink down J.R.'s pants]

J.R.: Amanda?

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