All My Children Best Lines Tuesday 11/6/07


Provided By Gisele

Babe: Mama?

Krystal: Babe? What's up?

Babe: I'm turning into you.

Krystal: Oh, please, bite your tongue. I wouldn't wish that on my worst enemy. Especially not tonight.

Babe: I was just with J.R.

Krystal: Oh? Oh.

Tad: Hey. What are you doing still awake?

[Tad laughs as Jenny smiles]

Tad: You -- come here, you monkey. You know what? I'm going to make you a deal. Huh? How's about we make a deal? How's about you and me -- we stay like this forever, ok? Like Peter Pan. Just stay like this forever. I'm going to look after you and all you have to do is stay close. Who am I kidding, right? I want to make that deal with everybody that I love. Yeah, but it never seems to work out that way, does it? World's a messy place, kiddo. It is what it is. People want what they want, they know what they need. Life takes care of the rest. Like you. Right now, you think I'm a rock star. You know you do. Come on, admit it. I think I'm a rock star. But in a few years, you're going to think I'm too embarrassing to be seen with. No, I know, it's hard to admit. It's the truth. You're going to think I'm just a very loving and annoying dinosaur who gets in the way of all your fun. But you know the crazy part? When you're a parent -- when you're a dad, you know that going in, and you do it anyway, because you're the best thing that ever happened to me. You know, you can't always keep your little girl safe. You can't keep your sons from leaving home. And sometimes, mamas. Sometimes mamas leave, too.

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