All My Children Best Lines Monday 11/5/07


Provided By Gisele

Krystal: You knew I wasn't fooled anymore, didn't you?

Adam: Yes, yes. Exactly how long have you known that I was pretending to be Stuart?

Krystal: Long enough to know not to get your hopes up.

Adam: Spending the other night with me in my bed -- that -- that gets a man's hopes up.

Krystal: Ok, just calm that hope down, then.

Tad: No. As much as I'd love to hang around all night and get fleeced, it's my night to relieve the sitter.

Hannah: Hmm -- thrown over by 10 pounds of cute.

Tad: No, actually, she's 16 pounds of cute, and she sleeps a whole lot better when Big Daddy kisses her good night. However, tomorrow is looking all kinds of all right -- if you say yes. Please say yes?

Hannah: You're on. I'll even spot you a couple balls.

Tad: Oh, really?

Hannah: Yeah.

Tad: You think I'll need them?

Hannah: Oh, yes, you will need them.

Tad: I hope so.

Hannah: Oh, yeah.

Tad: Just walk away really slowly.

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