All My Children Best Lines Tuesday 10/23/07


Provided By Gisele

Kendall: I am focused on that. But I can't just let Greenlee get away with what she's done. If what I did to her at the condo doesn't get to her, then I don't know what will.

Zach: What did you do to her?

Kendall: I -- I put Spike's battered car seat in front of her. I made her relive the entire crash. Every cry, every scream, every drop of my baby's blood. All of it.

Tad: Let me explain something to you. My heart has been banged up so many times, I've lost count, all right? When I lost my sister, found out about Kate, lost Dixie -- every time I lost Dixie. Then my baby girl shows up -- like a little miracle. You know, just when I'd swear I'd given up on love for good, there she is. Here I am today, head over heels all over again.

Julia: Hmm. You don't think that could happen again? With somebody older and wiser, hopefully not related to you?

Aidan: So did J.R. say what he wants in return for this information?

Greenlee: He said he'd let me know.

Aidan: I'd watch my back if I were you because I'm sure he's not telling you this out of the kindness of his so-called heart.

Greenlee: I don't know. But if those embryos exist, they belong to me. I have a right to them. I want them back. I have to admit, talking to you about having another man's baby is a little weird.

Aidan: Well, I'll have to admit that going on a hunt for embryos of the woman that I'm sleeping with is definitely a first. Listen, I'll help you get the answers that you're looking for, all right? I won't let you down.

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