All My Children Best Lines Friday 9/21/07


Provided By Gisele

Adam: Yes, well, Chandlers aren't really very good at being nannies or -- or serving the bottom feeders of the community, you know?

Tad: Tell me something, ok? Do you actually believe half of the methane that you run around venting? I mean, do you -- do you know what you sound like? The "bottom feeders of society"? All this from a coal miner's son?

Stuart: Oh, yeah? That kiss you gave me, huh? Well, that wasn't -- that wasn't a mad kiss. That was a -- a "oh, wow" kiss.

Krystal: No, no, don't -- before you even finish that sentence --

Stuart: No, no, admit it. It was a "wow." Admit it -- admit the "wow."

Krystal: It was not a "wow," but it's going to be a "pow," because I feel like going over there and hauling off and smacking Adam for doing this!

Adam: You've always wanted my family, and you're after them again.

Tad: Somebody's got to save them.

Adam: Oh, I am so sick of hearing Saint Martin is going to swoop down here and save my children from me. You're not -- you're not protecting them from anything. You're just jealous of me --

Tad: Yeah, I'm jealous.

Adam: You have been all your life.

Tad: What I want more than anything is your big, empty house, not my home filled with children and happiness and love. You're right, Adam -- you got me.

Adam: You want everything that belongs to me! It's patently obvious.

Tad: Well, if I did, I guess I could declare victory right about now, couldn't I?

Adam: It all started when J.R. was an infant, and you helped Dixie get him away from me, and then -- now -- you fathered a child by my wife. These things all come around, Martin. They come back around. You've taken my children, and you've given up a child in return.

Tad: Don't you dare.

Adam: Kate. Kate. You've lost her, because you deserved to lose her.

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