All My Children Best Lines Wednesday 9/19/07


Provided By Gisele

Ava: No, I'm ready for the new media. You know, the -- the Fusion ads, they don't really get all my personality out there, you know?

J.R.: What, did they short you oxygen in the OR? I rescinded my offer. That means "took back."

Ava: So, your plan was to get my name trashed in print and make sure I'm worthless, and then swoop in like the power player that you are and give me another chance -- for no money?

J.R.: Oh. They didn't remove any of that ego when they took out the appendix, did they?

Ava: Didn't remove any of my brain, either.

[Knock on door]

Ryan: It's ok, it's all right. The guys downstairs know not to send up anybody that we don't know. Who is it?

Jonathan: It's your killer brother.

Ryan: Jonathan?

Hannah: You have been right about a lot of things, including why I came back. It is personal, Josh. Very personal. I was about to break one of my personal commandments -- never give away too much.

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