All My Children Best Lines Monday 9/17/07


Provided By Gisele

Annie: On one of the nights, he -- he said that he had a special game, and he took me to the pond, and we caught this frog. And we put him in this little box that Richie had made. He had set it all up. And I was so excited. It was like our own -- our own frog. And Richie took out a knife and killed him. And I -- I tried to stop him, but I couldn't. And he said if I ever told anybody, he would -- so I never told anybody.

Ryan: Mm-hmm. What did he look like?

Babe: His hair was sandy brown. It was kind of wavy.

Wes: He was about my height. Same build. 180.

Annie: I think he's about 5'10", maybe. And I think he weighed 180, 185.

Wes: He had a tattoo on his neck.

Babe: Yeah, it was of a spider.

Annie: Richie got a tattoo in 11th grade. A -- a spider on his neck.

Officer: He smiled a lot?

Babe: Yeah, he had this -- like a real cool smile.

Annie: And he smiles. He smiles a lot.

Babe: Um -- if it's not too late -- um -- I'd like to change my mind. About the date thing. Totally casual, though. Nothing serious or heavy.

Wes: Well, that's perfect. "Nothing serious" is my middle name.

Kendall: Round one. She bought it.

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