All My Children Best Lines Monday 8/27/07


Provided By Gisele

Greenlee: Look, is there another way out of here, a back door or a fire escape?

Donovan: Oh, would a zip-line do? No, I'm sorry. You're going to have to go out the door just like everyone else.

Donovan: Well, I am 100% certain that we can take care of your shoulder in a simple, noninvasive manner, have you back on the court in no time.

Aidan: 100%? You haven't even taken a look at my arm.

Donovan: Oh, there's no need. Throughout our conversation, I've been visualizing the injury through your aura.

Aidan: My aura?

Donovan: You'd be amazed what you can learn about people when you know what to look for. So, back to your shoulder -- for a minimal fee, I can fix you right up.

Aidan: How much is minimal?

Donovan: This particular treatment costs $20,000, no personal checks.

Aidan: And what does this treatment consist of?

Donovan: Ultraviolet gamma ray pulsation of the proto-ionic variety.

Aidan: You say that six times fast.

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