All My Children Best Lines Friday 8/17/07


Provided By Gisele

Erica: That footage you aired, on your network, under the guise of "The New Divorce" -- not one frame of that was "The New Divorce." Not one frame of it. I didn't approve one frame of it. That was a private conversation I was having with -- with Jackson, private and personal. It was about a very, very sensitive issue.

Jesse: Again, I am so sorry. We'll find you a new producer, ok? Are we good? You should try the salmon.

Erica: No, Jesse, we are not good. And you can take your salmon, put it on a hook, and catch yourself a new program. I invited you here for lunch today to tell you that it's over, it's all over -- both my marriage, and the show.

Jack: You and me, hosting a talk show?

Erica: It could be called -- oh, I don't know -- "He Said/She Said"? Or, if you prefer, "She Said/He Said."

Jack: Oh, I can tell you what he says -- he says no.

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