All My Children Best Lines Monday 7/23/07


Provided By Gisele

Krystal: So Colby's moved out, you've moved out, and Adam is all alone?

J.R.: Well, don't worry about him. Between Mr. Pride and Mr. Ego, I think he's got plenty of company.

J.R.: Don't worry about Amanda. She's -- she's a good girl. She's a lot of fun.

Krystal: Mm-hmm. So her issues play well with your issues?

J.R.: Works for us.

Krystal: Ok. I -- I won't say another word. I just think you two are playing leapfrog with a unicorn.

J.R.: Ooh.

J.R.: I lived on a tramp steamer for a year. As long as your place doesn't smell like fish, or sailors who can't remember the last time they took a shower, don't you talk to me about roughing it.

Aidan: If you lived through that, handcuffed to a steam pipe, then give me a call.

Del: Her bathroom's got a hot tub. I want that tub.

J.R.: I don't know. The things you can do with those jets.

Zach: It's a boy.

Kendall: Our son. Zachary Ethan. Hmm.

Zach: No. Not Ethan, Zach or Junior. He's going to have his own name. No imprint of the past. Free to be whatever he wants to be. All he needs from us is love -- his long, wonderful life.

Zach: I think I know what's going on here. I talked you up too much. Yep. Every night, I talked to your belly and tell him what a beautiful, incredible, wonderful mother you are. And now, he wants to go see for himself. He doesn't want to be in there, he wants to be out here where the action is. And you will be. We want you here. Just hang on a little longer, all right? He wants to be in your arms. You can't really blame him -- it's the most wonderful place in the world. He'll be there -- be there when he's ready. And until then, you better hold on to me. Come on.

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