All My Children Best Lines Thursday 7/12/07


Provided By Gisele

Jack: So, you don't deny it.

Erica: No. I can't hide behind my false pride any longer, Jack. I was wrong, I was so heartbreakingly wrong.

Jack: It takes a strong woman to admit that.

Erica: Well, I must've been mad to think that I could live, could dream of living my life without you. Living is so much more than merely breathing. My heart beating in my chest without you to hold, to cherish, is merely but a hollow thumping in my chest.

Kendall: All right. Oh, right -- as far as J.R. is concerned, just make like a rabbit.

Amanda: Oh. There's no trouble in that department.

Kendall: Oh -- no. No, I mean run. Run far away from him. Quick, like a bunny. Run.

Barbara: How can you be so absurdly naive? Erica is never involved, or cares about a man for that long. Jack is just ratings! That's all he is to her right now. Don't you understand that?

Sean: You know what, Mom? You couldn't be here when I was in trouble. But you always have time to come back and make trouble for other people. You know what? Just do everyone in this town a favor. Leave. No one wants to see your face.

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