All My Children Best Lines Tuesday 7/10/07


Provided By Gisele

Krystal: Have you forgotten how it felt when he was gone?

Adam: Yeah.

Krystal: Liar. You still know how it felt. Your heart in a fist. How many nights did you clutch your belly and just curl up in a ball?

Adam: Never happened. I spent my time fighting to get him back.

Krystal: Fighting on the outside, screaming, crying, suffering inside? How many terrible thoughts popped into your head and refused to go away, huh? Did you see him? Did you see him hurt, did you see him and hear him screaming? Did you reach out and touch his dead hand and see him on a slab? That pain, that gut-wrenching fear, that horror -- that's what you gave me, Adam, only worse because I was never supposed to see my baby again. That was your plan. Well, I'm glad you got a taste of my hell, Adam. Karma is a bitch.

Ava: This is where you get up and go.

Jonathan: I'm not going anywhere. I'm going to hold you all night long. I'm going to watch you sleep. I'm going to make you feel safe and listen to you breathe, and watch this light from this window hit your face and hair.

Ava: Be careful. I just might buy what you're selling.

Jonathan: I want to wake up to you tomorrow. I want to be the last person you see before you sleep and the first one when you open your eyes. I'm not going anywhere. You're stuck with me.

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