All My Children Best Lines Friday 7/6/07


Provided By Gisele

Zach: I already offered the place to Myrtle. Make a great boarding house.

Kendall: Yeah, it would. If -- now, if she doesn't want it, we could still do the shelter.

Zach: Yeah, it'd be fitting, considering how many women were abused in here.

Annie: She's trying to assemble an effective, creative team. See, I am what Kendall wants, a team player. That's why I'm putting up with your superiority complex.

Greenlee: It's not a complex.

J.R.: You trust me?

Adam: Hell, no! But you're all I've got, aren't you? Presently. But fortunately, I can always sire another son.

Annie: They make TV movies about women like you as a warning to the rest of us.

Greenlee: He was lonely, missing me, so Ryan put his taste on hold and squinted and saw a resemblance, a very slight resemblance.

Annie: You live in your own little demented world, ruled by the voices in your head.

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