All My Children Best Lines Tuesday 7/3/07


Provided By Gisele

J.R.: Look at me. Look at me. That responsible, sick feeling you had? I have it double. But I swear to you, Dad, together, Chandlers, we can make Zach pay for ever trying to take us on.

Adam: I watched you bleed. Hmm. I listened to you groaning against the pain. Do you have any idea what that did to me? Do you remember when Little Adam was missing? Do you remember the panic? The rage, that -- that primal, naked fear? That -- that bloody shirt, the blood on my hands? My son's blood, my son's pain -- my son maybe on the edge of death. I -- wondering if maybe I was too late. Maybe this was my karmic due. Or maybe -- huh -- maybe a little box on my doorstep with a severed finger in it or maybe a -- a bloody ear. Proof that my son was suffering, proof that I'd failed you again. Yeah. No. I wept -- I wept for you! Broken, broken, broken. So that's what you planned for me, that's what you wanted me to see. I -- I wish I still owned this house, because I'd have you thrown out.

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