All My Children Best Lines Monday 6/11/07


Provided By Gisele

Annie: Ryan, what did you tell Emma when that little girl was teasing her at school?

Ryan: What -- what does this have to do with Greenlee?

Annie: Ignore her. She's looking for a reaction.

Ryan: Ok, Greenlee is looking for more than just a reaction. She's looking to get her whole life back, so --

Annie: Greenlee is just a bully in better shoes -- she's just trying to get your attention.

Ryan: Look, I know how Greenlee gets attention, ok -- you really don't have to tell me about it!

Annie: You want to talk Greenlee down? Go ahead. Because it worked so well last time, right, Ryan? You really set her straight. You know what? Forget about it. Why don't you just go meet her again on the roof?

Ryan: Well, hey, I didn't bring this on, Jack.

Jack: Yes, Ryan, you did! "You" are the reason we're here. Ryan, you let Greenlee believe you were dead. She was lost after that, she was sick with grief. And that was your fault, nobody else's. I mean, she had to go through a miscarriage all alone.

Ryan: I didn't know then what I know now.

Jack: So Kendall tries to help her friend by having her late husband's baby for her -- you know what? I mean, if you had walked out on Greenlee, she would've been angry, she would've been upset, but Kendall would never have had your baby.

Ryan: I was in a very bad place, Jack.

Jack: Yeah. Well, not anymore, huh, Ryan? You've got this great life, you know? You've got these beautiful kids -- a boy and a girl -- a wonderful wife, and a great relationship with the mother of your son who used to be my daughter's best friend.

Ryan: But does that justify what Greenlee is doing right now?

Jack: You leave Greenlee and you hit the jackpot. All Greenlee did was love you, and she had her life ripped out from under her. And you have the unmitigated gall to stand there and say she's acting irrationally? How rationally do you think you would act, Ryan, huh, if you were in her place -- you, the man who dealt with his issues by riding his motorcycle off a cliff?

Colby: I have never seen Sean do drugs and I have never seen Sean buy them. I don't believe that he would --

Adam: You never -- you didn't know that he was sleeping with that trollop Ava, though, did you?

Colby: Ouch.

Man: Go to your computer. Log on to Password -- "family."

Adam: This is idiocy.

Man: Then it won't matter.

Jamie: Uh, I -- I'm not ready to be a full-on dad, so I'm -- I'm relieved, I guess. I'm -- I'm not happy exactly, but relieved is good. I was freaking out.

Babe: Hmm. Well, aren't you kind of already a dad to Kathy?

Jamie: I think I'm more like a cool uncle -- all of the fun, none of the responsibility.

Babe: You were ready to be a father to Little A.

Jamie: That was different.

Babe: How?

Jamie: We should talk -- the pregnancy scare.

Julia: "Scare." That about sums it up. Well, scare's over. What else is there to say?

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