All My Children Best Lines Thursday 6/7/07


Provided By Gisele

Josh: Are you sure? You don't need any help?

Greenlee: Actually, I do. Can you go resurrect your father, Greg Madden, and have him testify that Zach Slater stole my life?

Annie: My God -- everyone in this town is so intertwined -- the history, marriages, relationships. Forget six degrees of separation. In Pine Valley, it's more like two, or one.

J.R.: You need to forget about everything -- stress, work -- just dance everything away.

Amanda: You want me to dance?

J.R.: Well, not alone. I know a rich guy who's cruising around in the back of a fully loaded limo.

Amanda: Sounds like a lot of guys I know. I'm not in the mood.

J.R.: Well, then it's a good thing I called, because there's only one thing that can get you out of this mood -- a club in Philly that I know that nobody can get into.

Amanda: Except for you?

J.R.: And the lucky lady that will be coming with me. Get dressed.

Amanda: Despite what you may be imagining, I am dressed.

J.R.: For clubbing. Listen, we'll think of it as an upscale gym. We'll work it out all night long on the dance floor till dawn. No strings attached. I cross my heart. Well?

Amanda: I'm trying to decide if you have a heart.

J.R.: Don't I get good-guy points?

Amanda: No, you know, because bad guys don't get good-guy points, especially when they're just trying to get into my pants.

J.R.: Then tell me how I can make that happen.

Amanda: You know, as much as I want to see you do a bunch of stupid human tricks, I'm going to have to pass.

J.R.: Well, you turned me down on the ConFusion rooftop and you showed up at my place ready for anything. So tell me how I scored so high then.

Amanda: You didn't. You weren't calling the shots that night -- I was. I was tired of being used, so I decided it was my turn to do some using.

J.R.: Oh, you used me good. Use me again. I'd use you in a second.

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