All My Children Best Lines Monday 6/4/07


Provided By Gisele

Ryan: What's all this about prison?

Greenlee: There's other places I'd like to send you, but maximum security is going to have to do.

J.R.: And maybe one day he'll run it, maybe one day he won't. He might own a bar, he might become a doctor, but whatever he decides to do, at least he'll know that he has a parent who will support him.

Adam: Papa boozy and Mama floozy -- what wonderful guidance you'll give him.

Babe: Mama and I loved our husbands, Colby, but we did make mistakes.

Krystal: We caused a whole lot of people a whole lot of pain.

Babe: But we're sorry for what we did, and we have learned from our mistakes -- mistakes that we're never going to make again. So, how close were you and Sean? I didn't -- I didn't even realize the two of you were dating.

Colby: We weren't. We just spent every second of every day together -- scoping out the universe, planning for prom, and a gazillion other ideas we had.  Sean's right -- love doesn't exist.

Adam: Little Adam is an extraordinary, wonderful little boy. He loves me.

J.R.: Yeah. And nobody can make him smile the way that Grandpa can. Like when you take him for those walks around the lake to look at the ducks? No, I'm not going to trash those feelings he has for you. I'm just going to make sure that you never see him again.

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