All My Children Best Lines Monday 5/7/07


Provided By Gisele

Tad: Janet, with you in charge, I'm sure the baby is in good hands, but we're just wondering who you left Jenny with.

Janet: Don't you be a nosy Nellie. This is my interview, not yours. Now, according to my sources, you are a lying, cheating tramp who tried to pass off your baby as your husband, Adam's, when, in point of fact, it was his. How am I doing?

Palmer: Joe? Hey, Joe. I was upstairs in a board meeting when I heard -- tell me, is the old geezer dead yet?

Joe: He's had a heart attack. We -- we don't know the full extent of the damage.

Palmer: Listen, Joe, no heroic efforts, all right? If old -- if old scratch came to claim the soul that he sold years ago, let him have it.

Joe: Well, I -- I must admit when I learned who was in the ambulance, I thought it really would be a nice time to take a long, leisurely lunch.

Palmer: Oh, well, go ahead. Have lunch -- have lunch on me, on me. I'll -- I'll take care of -- of Adam.

Joe: Well, I tell you, it's very tempting, but you know that old oath, yeah -- "First do no harm."

Palmer: I never took an oath.

Zach: Everybody have a good workout?

Josh: Don't let the power suit fool you -- this girl is an amazing athlete, incredible stamina, amazing flexibility.

Hannah: Hmm, if only Josh could keep up. He fell a little short on his most recent performance -- Paxton report. Hmm. Have the revisions on my desk before lunch.

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