All My Children Best Lines Thursday 5/3/07


Provided By Gisele

Amanda: You think my mom's looking at the moon right now?

J.R.: Your mother should be looking at the inside of a padded cell.

Jamie: That doesn't mean I agree with everything my parents do. You couldn't have a better dad than mine. But I thought Tad the Cad was long gone. All of a sudden, he sleeps with a married woman and gets her pregnant? What the heck was he thinking? I just want to slap him upside the head sometimes.

Di: "There once was a young lady named Annie. And her taste in fine young men was uncanny. Soon, Ryan was smitten. With true love, he was bitten. But what he liked most of all was her fanny."

Julia's top five pieces of marital advice: Number 5 -- Don't do it. Number 4 -- You don't need to cook when you can call for reservations.  Number 3 -- Separate bathrooms. Number 2 -- Quite simply -- Sex. And the number 1 piece of marital advice is -- Please repeat after me. "Yes, dear."

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