All My Children Best Lines Thursday 3/29/07


Provided By Michelle

Jack: Barbara, my marriage is over. That doesn't mean I'm starting up with you.

Barbara: Erica has moved on, Jack.

Jack: Oh. Boy, you're really playing me hard, aren't you?

Barbara: You know, it's -- it's not like we don't have any history.

Jack: No, we have plenty of history, Barbara. But when I knew you before, you were a sharp, self-sufficient businesswoman. Now you spend your days in boutiques and your evenings in a bottle of wine waiting for -- what? A man to take care of you?

Barbara: Affection, familiarity, safety, excitement -- the same things Erica went looking for when she went back to her ex, Jack.

Provided By Gisele

Mrs. Luper: The reports I heard on television that you believe you're really a woman. You know, at first I thought it was a publicity stunt. You always did such crazy things to sell those CDs, but then saw pictures in the tabloids of you dressed as -- and I -- I knew I couldn't stay away any longer. I had to come and talk you out of this. It's not right, honey. You're Freddie Luper.

Zoe: I am Zoe.

Mrs. Luper: Just please don't give people a reason to talk. I mean, just don't make that mistake, Freddie.

Zoe: I'm trying to fix that mistake, Mom. I was born a girl. I know I have boy parts, but on the inside, I am a woman. Look into my eyes. You can see -- look at me. You must have seen it my entire life -- you had to. I tried your way, Mom. For years, I tried to be Freddie, and when that hurt too much, I tried to be Zarf and, um, I -- I just can't fake it anymore.

Zoe: But you can't tell me that if Miranda said she was gay, or that she had a little boy on the inside, that you wouldn't accept her.

Bianca: Yes, of course, I would. And I would love her, and I would be just as proud of her as ever. But if it does turn out that Miranda is just your average straight girl -- she never has to face the prejudice that we do -- I wouldn't be sorry, Zoe.

Hannah: I was pregnant with your grandchild.

Alexander: Huh.

Hannah: You remember what happened next, don't you? You handed me some money, told me to take care of it. I didn't want to "take care of it, " I wanted to talk to your son. That's when you showed your true colors. I can still see the hate in your eyes when you called me a lowly housemaid, unfit to be the mother of the Cambias heir. "You don't belong here, Hannah. " Do you remember saying that? Yeah. And then you had me fired, blacklisted, and shipped out within minutes. Fast forward to "Alex, Jr. dies in a fiery crash. " I get the word you want my child, after all. So I took off. Hmm. You had me followed for how many years? God, you were relentless. Sometimes I could feel your breath on the back of my neck. But you wasted your time. As horrible as it was to give up Ethan -- and it was pure hell -- it was worth it. He never came close to his lunatic grandfather, and I thank God for that. Huh. I belong where I want to belong. And you belong in there.

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