All My Children Best Lines Wednesday 3/28/07


Provided By Michelle

Babe: My mother is the only person that I have trusted my entire life.

Tad: Ah. At least someone trusts her.

Babe: She's a good mother, Tad. She took care of every scratch, every mess-up. She loved me for me. How many people in life can really say that, Tad?

Tad: Do you really think that changes the fact that she was never going to tell me about my own child? Ever? And neither were you or J.R. How do you defend something like that? I don't care. Whatever the hell it takes, there's no way I'm going to let my child grow up in this house.

Provided By Gisele

Babe: Mama, you need to relax, please.

Krystal: Yeah, relax. I got a watermelon-sized little girl on the way, and my husband is in an asylum. This is like a spa!

Janet: Oh, ok. Well, I'd be happy to give you the 411 on everybody here. Joey, for example -- he really likes puppets.

Amanda: Mom -- come on, you promised to show me your lanyards.

Janet: Ok. And stay away from the guy who makes the tiger sounds.

Jamie: Krystal's baby isn't yours, Adam. That means no more Chandlers. Now my sister might actually have a chance at a normal life.

Adam: Not with a whore for a mother and a cretin for a father.

Adam: You're the one that set that crazy mother of yours on a rampage. She kidnapped my grandson. She locked us in a truck and drove it into quicksand. She killed Ethan Cambias. And who knows how many other people she would have killed if they hadn't locked her up?

Amanda: How's that jacket, Mr. Chandler? Hmm, it looks just your size.

Adam: Yeah. What's your price? I know you have one.

Amanda: Go to hell.

Man: You're a guy in a dress, aren't you?

Zoe: Actually, I'm a woman in a guy's body in a dress.

Man: Is there anyone else here like you?

Zoe: Why, sir, there is no one else like me.

Josh: Do we have a problem here?

Kendall: No, actually, Josh, I have this one. Fusion is a company built by women, for women. Women of all sizes, ages, types, and colors. You're looking at three of Fusion's women. If you can't handle that, then you can go.

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