All My Children Best Lines Thursday 3/22/07


Provided By Gisele

Annie: I didn't accept Ryan's proposal, so I get a hug? If I tell him to go away forever, what -- are you going to kiss me?

Kendall: I -- I just -- I -- wow. I'm -- I'm very impressed. Honestly, I -- I didn't know that you had it in you. I have a whole new respect for you. If you are smart enough to walk away from a doomed relationship, then -- then you're not the manipulative bitch I thought you were.

Annie: No. No, but you are certainly the manipulative bitch I thought you were.

Tad: There's no way you are living with her with Adam.

Krystal: How dare you say that I don't care about my daughter's welfare, Tad. I have loved her with my whole heart from day one. And by the way, Mr. Holier Than Thou, you knew I was living with Adam when you got me pregnant. Maybe you had -- should have thought about that back then, huh? Now, excuse me. I'm going home.

Adam: Board up the tunnels! Keep the vermin out.

Colby: Dad, why are you doing this?

Adam: Sweetheart, you wouldn't understand. This -- this is adult business. Give me a nail.

Colby: No, Dad, you're hammering shut windows and doors. How mature is that?

Adam: Krystal refuses to leave the house, and I'm going to keep her out. I'm not going to let her back in. And that goes for Babe and J.R., too.

Colby: How can you be helping my father?

Sean: Are you kidding? You know, I really wish I would have thought of this before my mom got into Uncle Jack's place.

Kendall: How do you do that? I'm just ranting here like a fool, and I act out like a child, and you never judge me. You never make me feel like I'm a total nut case.

Zach: Well, even if I don't say that I think you're a nut case doesn't mean that I don't think that you're a nut case.

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