All My Children Best Lines Tuesday 3/20/07


Provided By Gisele

Adam: You think I would have eaten anything off of that tray? It's probably poisoned.

Krystal: Oh, Adam! If I had wanted you dead, you think I would have woken you up to do it?

Krystal: I am your wife. I know I'm flawed, I know I disappointed you, but if you think for one second that I am going to slink out of here with my tail between my legs --

Adam: No, no. No room for your tail. Tad Martin's already there.

Krystal: You can insult me. You can hurt me. You can do your worst, Adam, because I know you. I know your stubborn, arrogant, moonshine-drinking soul. And I have never known a love as sweet and as strong as yours. You've been the greatest surprise and the greatest blessing in my life.

Adam: Well, you've been the greatest disappointment in mine.

Krystal: You honestly believe the only children worth raising are ones with your DNA!

Adam: Well, Martin's are not worth raising. And if I ever opened my heart to a child that wasn't mine, it wouldn't be one that came about because you fell on your back for Tad Martin!

Krystal: So you could never look at this child without thinking of me and Tad in bed? Well, don't let me leave it up to your imagination, Adam -- let me give you the juicy details. What do you want to know, huh? You want to know what we said, how he touched me, how it felt?

Adam: Stop! God. We're done.

Stuart: I always thought you'd be so good for Adam.

Krystal: I never wanted to cause Adam any pain.

Stuart: Oh, but you did. Oh, poor Adam. Poor baby.

Babe: Look, Stuart, Mama knows that she hurt Adam and that it was wrong. But she's hurting, too.

Stuart: Hmm. I -- I used to be the one to help -- to help my brother, help put him back together when bad stuff happens. I think he may be broken for good.

Julia: I'm sorry. But for what it's worth, we both know that Krystal is a devoted mother, and she'd do anything for her children.

Tad: Including wanting Adam to raise a child? A man that can't take care of a goldfish. He doesn't understand unconditional love. The only thing he understands is power, manipulation, control. I spent the last half of my life trying to limit the damage to J.R., and we all know how successful I was there. I just don't understand why Krystal couldn't come to me. I -- I don't know what she was thinking. I mean, I wouldn't let Adam Chandler raise a flag.

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