All My Children Best Lines Monday 3/19/07


Provided By Gisele

Tad: Adam, what exactly is it you think you know?

Adam: Look around, you idiot. Everyone in this room knows you had sex with my wife.

Tad: Adam, it was a mistake -- a huge mistake, and I am deeply sorry. So is Krystal. But you're dead wrong about that baby.

Adam: Don't you see? They're all in on it. Your beloved Dixie learned it from Krystal's own mouth. And your cherished stepson, J.R.? He knew, and used it to blackmail his wife. They all got together just a few moments ago and begged me not to tell you -- begged me. Said maybe it'll be a family secret of ours, that "Tad doesn't have to know, ever. " And then dear, sweet, sweet Krystal who gave so generously of herself in your hour of need, and then lied to your face. Ask her.

Krystal: The baby is yours.

Tad: I believed you. I believed in you. You told me she wasn't mine, and I had no reason to think that the Krystal that I know and love, that I trusted -- my former fiancée -- would ever, could ever lie about something like this. And I was wrong?

Krystal: You were wrong about everything.

Krystal: Tad, I -- I don't know what to say. I -- I'm sick over this. I didn't want to hurt anybody.

Tad: You're sick? You -- it certainly turned out that way, didn't it? What am I supposed to do now? How can I possibly go back and make this right? How can I go back to Dixie and say I'm wrong, I was a fool, because I let this cruel disgrace of a woman use our 4-year-old daughter to make us look like fools? To cover up her own selfish lie? She's gone. She's dead, I can't -- it's over and done. She died thinking that I didn't believe in her, because of you. Because of you. But you are the mother of my child.

J.R.: What I did to my mother? What about what you did to my mother? And what kind of dying words are "Give Tad his baby"? I didn't get, "I love you, son." No, I got hit with a choice -- apparently one that you don't understand!

Tad: Don't play self-righteous with me, you little son of a bitch! You didn't do what you did out of a sense of honor, you didn't do what you did for Babe. You did it to get yours, whatever you decide that is in the moment.

J.R.: You touch her, and I will touch you.

Adam: Touch that? And me without my gloves on. Well, look at -- look at them, son. Right there -- that's all you have left. You deserve each other.

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