All My Children Best Lines Friday 3/2/07


Provided By Michelle

Jack: So Alexander Cambias is the Satin Slayer?

Ryan: Yes. Zach dug up his grave and it was a coffin full of rocks.

Jack: Well, that explains the Cambias crest on that button that Zoe ripped off his attacker's coat, and the saliva sample we took from Zoe's jacket was a near match to Zach's.

Ryan: Exactly. Alex is our man and I was supposed to help Zach bring down his father, but he sucker-punched me, and he took off, and when I opened my eyes, I had a gun in my face --

Jack: Oh, oh -- so now you know what it feels like to have a vigilante hotshot cut you out of the loop, huh?

Tad: Come on, Jack.

Jack: No, you come on, Tad. We were working on this case together, my daughter's life is at risk, and you're blowing off my phone calls? What the hell is that?

Ryan: Ok, all right, all right. We are together, ok? We don't have time for this, please everything is -- is out on the table, ok?

Jack: Fine. Raymond Jenkins is dead. Someone pushed him off a balcony.

Tad: Listen, if Alexander Cambias is taking the time to settle old scores, that means he's nearing the end game.

Ryan: Kendall is the end. We don't have any time.

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