All My Children Best Lines Friday 2/23/07


Provided By Michelle

J.R.: You trashed my wife every chance you got.

Erica: Well, at least I never tried to kill her, like you did.

J.R.: Babe and I were working things out. Josh kept dogging her, even though she was way out of his league.

Erica: Oh, Josh was oceans above Babe.

J.R.: No, Josh was a loser who couldn't take a hint. She told him to leave her alone, that she was done with him.

Erica: The only reason Josh pursued Babe is because Babe was so miserably unhappy with you. Now, maybe if you had been able to satisfy your wife --

J.R.: Well, you certainly know about satisfaction from a Martin, don't you? And you call Babe a tramp. [Erica slaps J.R.] Hmm. Oh, the Kane family. So smug, so self-righteous. Figures, considering you're juggling husbands. Bianca took up with a she-male, and Kendall's hitched to a man who brought the murderer to town!

Erica: Don't you dare talk about my children. You have threatened them for the last time.

J.R.: Well, maybe if Josh was able to take rejection like a man --

Erica: Oh, you want to talk about doing things like a man? You? You'd rather drink yourself into oblivion and dive out a window rather than take control of your life. That was when you had a life. What have you got now, J.R.? No wife. A little boy you're bound to destroy.

J.R.: Well, you do like to shoot low, don't you?

Erica: Oh, you are deluded. Proclaim your love for Babe all you want. But the fact is that Babe always cared more for Josh than you. And you know it.

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