All My Children Best Lines Friday 12/1/06


Provided By Michelle

Bianca: Oh, of course -- Zarf. I -- I know you. You were in Paris a couple of months ago on tour, and I saw your posters absolutely everywhere. But I didn't see the concert. I -- I've never really been a fan of music about the underworld.

Erin: Oh, well, sorry. What -- what she means is she's not intimately familiar with your sound.

Danielle: Yes, but she's more than excited that you'll be working with us.

Zarf: I knew you'd be honest. In a world full of sycophants and phonies, you are the very essence of truth. Every word from your mouth is like manna from heaven. We must've met in a past life.

Bianca: Yeah, maybe. You know, talking to you has been interesting. Um -- but I'm -- I'm here to talk to Babe about something very, very important in private.

Babe: Yes -- no, no, business, business. We have some urgent cosmetic industry business.

Zarf: This is coming together beautifully. The woman who reached into my soul has brought me to the woman who has my heart. Best friends.

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