All My Children Best Lines Friday 9/29/06


Provided By Michelle

David: First, you're dead, then you're not, then you're a killer, now maybe not. Well, one thing's for certain -- you're no longer the sweet, innocent Dixie Cooney we all knew and loved.

Dixie: Well, it's just too bad you're still the same selfish, manipulative man you were when I left town. I guess some things never change.

David: Well, you see, you're wrong, Dixie, because I have changed. You changed me when you blew me off for Zach. All the plans I had for us -- wiped out. I had to find some way to let it go, move on.

Dixie: Is this how you move on? Skulking and gloating on the sidelines while I'm being convicted of murder? Does this satisfy your need for revenge?

David: You know, you would think that it would, wouldn't you? But I might come up with something else.

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