All My Children Best Lines Wednesday 6/14/06


Provided By Michelle

Lily: I'm glad -- for you and me. My dad said that if you stayed here for a while, that I should go home. But I told him that my home is with you -- which can be here for a few days. I can sleep on the chair, and they'll have to let me, because I'm your next of kin, your wife. Isn't that so exciting? And when we get home, I can take care of you. With anyone else, I would be worried or frightened, but you make me so confident. I can do things for you, because we match, we're the same.

Adam: To the heroine of the hour. You saved my son, and you kept this family whole. So I say we celebrate. How about -- well, Pine Valley? The Valley Inn? No, no, New York. No, no, better than that -- the Chandler jet to Carmel. What'll it be?

Krystal: How about we just take a little choo-choo ride with Little A and give these two some time to talk?

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