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Predictions By Lark 1/6/11

At the mansion Colby is talking with Asher about the way Damon has been treating her. He tells her that Damon is a fool and he would never treat her that way. He leans over to kiss her and Colby doesnít move away again. She kisses him back. Damon is in the doorway, and neither of them sees him as he walks quietly out the door. He is furious and decides to go talk to Liza. Liza sits there and listens as Damon pours out his heart. They have become very close since he started working for her. They end up in bed and afterwards neither of them speaks a word. They just lie there. Will they become a secret couple or will Liza get him a job somewhere else before Colby or Tad finds out. I think he will leave and no one will be the wiser. Asher and Colby become a couple. When Tad gets the truth from Damon about Liza he is furious. Will he go to her or just let it go. After all he did get with Lizaís mom, was she just paying him back or did she really have feelings for Damon. Either way I donít think Tad will like Damon leaving and will blame Liza and start making trouble for her. This may be interesting down the road to see exactly what Tad will do.

At the hospital Cara is helping Jake with another patient. She leans over and kisses him on the cheek and Jake is astonished. He pulls back for a few moments then grabs her and kisses her like she had been only imagining. Will he tell Amanda or will he just leave town when Cara gets her papers. He has never really been over Cara but thinking she was with someone else made him forget her. I think PV is getting ready for a new year with a lot of new surprises for the fans.

Annie tells JR she was faking her illness to be close to him, he stops and hears Ryanís words to himself. He is beginning to see that Annie is becoming frustrated and wonders if he should even continue his relationship with her. Could she hurt Marissa if he does? Or if he breaks it off with her will she hurt Marissa. He is so confused and those words of Ryanís keep going through his head. He gently leans over to kiss her and tells her she is forgiven but he really does need to go back to work. Annieís eyes fills with tears as he leaves the room. She begins to throw things and finally starts screaming that she is going to get Marissa. A scared JR leans at the door and hears all of what is going on in the room. He knows he has to do something, so he goes straight to find Marissa. Will this make her even angrier? We will see I can only suspect that crazy Annie is about to be unleashed again. What she will do remains to be seen.

Meanwhile, at the hospital as Greenlee stares from the doorway of Kendallís room, she can see Madison and Ryan with the boys and she feels even more desperate to get rid of Madison. What will she do next? Maybe I should just tell Ryan he has two other kids and didnít leave her for them. She walks in the room and decides to tell Ryan with Kendall there to support her things will be ok. She looks at Madison and says tell Ryan the good news. Madison slowly turns around with a very stunned look. Are you serious? What will Ryan do? He had a totally honest and great relationship with Madison. He listens as she tells him that she is carrying his baby. Ryan turns and looks at Greenlee with a sad look. Not another child of mine will be born and me be away from them. He grabs Madison and kisses her right in front of Kendall and Greenlee; both of their mouths open at the same time. Will Ryan dump Greenlee and her self-centered ways? I think we all may be surprised.

The opinions in these articles are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The TV MegaSite or its other volunteers.

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Updated 1/7/11

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