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Random Thoughts
By Patti G

Since this was a short week for AMC, my column will be brief as well.

What to make of David’s death plan? In the real world, VI was on "The View" saying he would do the bi-coastal commute till the end of his children’s school year and then reassess his options. That sort of coincides with his 6 months to live plan. I guess if he decides to leave, David dies, and if he decides to stay, a miracle cure?

Some of the “presents” that David gave to people, were “items” that could be used for their own personal gain. Liza to become the next DA (I will discuss that plot point later), or Angie to help her keep the Hospital Board in line as Chief of Staff. What they choose to do with this information is up to them.

I find it totally insane that the Mayor of PV would call Liza to ask her to become the next DA. She just became a lawyer, there should be other more qualified lawyers in PV to ask, and isn’t the position of DA an elected office?

I was very happy to hear that Jill Larson was asked to stay on and go to LA. AMC needs her as a valuable character to the patchwork of storylines and people she is connected to. I understand that Chrishell Strauss will be a contract player. That pleases me mostly because I like her and Jake as a couple and with baby Trevor.

No matter how bad Annie has been or the things she has done, she would never leave Emma with a babysitter on Christmas Eve. Ryan appears to be a father to his children when it is convenient for him. Was it really necessary to leave Emma just to tell Erica he is ready for them to have an official relationship? Wait till he has to juggle Erica and Greenlee.

Question for anyone, David was not invited to either Bianca/Reese or Ryan/Greenlee’s wedding, so why was he even up there? It is not like he knew beforehand that Greens was going to ride off on her motorcycle and that Kendall would be running her off the road.

I really do not like the way they handled Aidan’s exit from the show. It was completely out of character and made no sense whatsoever. I am happy that at least they were able to bring it to a close and reunite Zendall. I know that TK is leaving the show, and AM is on an unspecified amount of maternity leave. Some people have speculated that Zendall and the boys might move to Llanview. I do not know if that is true or just an unfounded rumor.

          Well that is about all for me this week. 

                   Have a wonderful Holiday to all.

                           I would love to hear from any of my readers.

                                   Patti G


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Page updated 5/25/10

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