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Random Thoughts
By Patti G

Aidan tells Kendall that the Feds will be at them in 3 hours. How is it Zach not only found them but got there in less than 10 minutes?

I had to laugh at Aidan making fun of and imitating TK perfectly saying his wedding vows and asking Kendall if he ever shaves? I am going to miss Spotted Dick very much!

JR sure went through his cancer treatment in the express lane. I could not believe it when Tad announced he was in remission. On another note, Marissa and JR have to be even more boring as a couple than Frankie and Randi.

Did the writers (or Pratt) forget that Jake has been Chief of Staff at PV Hospital? I found David mentioning that maybe some day Jake would be COS, and thought to myself, been there done that.

I agree with Dan Kroll that Zach, Erica and Ryan’s plan to get Adam to remember what they were hoping to confirm was not only very cruel but extremely dangerous. They all know he has a heart condition, and even if they were right and that he would remember it was Annie that murdered his brother, wouldn’t that info cause him extreme emotional stress. On top of that, when they found out he was taken to the hospital, they did not give a second thought to his health or that they had a hand in causing it. No, not them, self righteous Erica and Ryan just plow their way through into getting the truth and saving their precious Kendall. I also loved the way the cop Jesse told to watch them just let them waltz right out of the station. I also remembered that it was just a short time ago Erica was pissed at Ryan for coming between her daughter and Zach. Remember the famous card game between Ryan and Zach? Kendall was on Ryan’s side and her mother stood behind Zach.

Maybe it is me but Kendall is just plain boring to me by now. On the plus side, congratulations to Alicia and her husband on the birth November 4th of their first child, a girl named Willow Lenore.

Oh, no! The clown nose has reappeared. I also laughed as one more PV’er “jokingly” says clowns can be frightening. I never realized so many people on AMC and in real life are really that scared of clowns.

I mentioned a while back how the writers conveniently forgot about Annie and her asthma, but glad to see they brought it up when she and Scott were trapped in the Fusion elevator. Out of curiosity, why do people always panic when they are stuck in an elevator that they will run out of air? Is that really possible?

I really hated it when Ryan flat out lied to Emma about his feelings for Annie. I do not mean to suggest that he go into explicit detail how he feels, but glossing over it is wrong, at least to me. He could have simply told Emma that yes, even though he and her mommy are not married or in love with each other anymore, it doesn’t change how much they love her. I think he could have simply told Emma that no, he does not hate her mommy, but he is unhappy with some of the things she has done in the past few months. He did somewhat redeem himself when he told her he could not hate the woman who gave him Emma as his daughter.

How screwed up is Emma going to become when they eventually SORAS her? I am really going to miss the children now on the show when they move out west. I doubt their parents and families even if ask are going to uproot themselves knowing that the lifespan of a soap opera child is very short. I was surprised to hear from the father of the twins playing Ian that they had been asked to make the move. He told me at the time he and his wife had not made any decision.

I am always amazed at how perfectly characters get made up whether it is the Crystal Ball or a Halloween Party. Are we supposed to believe Adam applied his own makeup for the Frankenstein costume? Except for Scott, I find it hard to believe how perfect they all looked. Especially how Bailey who at the last minute “borrowed” Colby’s costume and did her own makeup as well. And while I am at it, why wasn’t Colby wearing the costume Bailey had on?

I really was let down when Ryan finally figured out who killed Stuart. I had been waiting all this time to be able to rub his and everyone else’s noses in the fact that they were so wrong about it being Annie. The big reveal really let me down.

Only at PV Hospital does a nurse just give out any information to someone, (even if it was Erica Kane) about a patient’s room or condition. Heck, they don’t even give visitors to residing guests the room numbers for the guests at hotels.

Why doesn’t anyone ever actually do a DNA test on a baby for the right reasons? Amanda was never sure who the father was, and after eliminating JR she just assumed David was the father. I would think that Jake would run the test for his own knowledge and maybe the possibility that David is not the father. The same is true about little Jenny. Everybody believes Tad is her father, why? Simply because David told them that? That is reason enough to question her paternity. Finally, even with Amanda and Jake agreeing to no sex during the conception and pregnancy, isn’t it possible that she conceived on their last night together? Why isn’t David squawking about that little detail?

How do you think Stuart would want Adam, Annie, and Scott to handle the situation? I know he would not want Kendall to be in prison, but he would not want anything to happen to Adam either.

I am terribly saddened that veterans of AMC, Ray MacDonnell, Aiden Turner, Walt Willey, Jennifer Bassey, and Jill Larson, were not only let go from the show but didn’t even get the respect they deserved (except for Aiden Turner) with a decent storyline exit. Shame, Shame on TPTB at AMC.

          I will be back next week with more observations and questions.

                    Well, that’s about all for now. Have a great week.

                           I would love to hear from any of my readers.

                                 Patti G


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Read all about Patti's visit to AMC's NYC studios on 8/17/09.

Page updated 5/25/10

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