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Random Thoughts
By Patti G

Can’t Ryan and Annie at least put aside their differences and put Emma first? Ryan never realizes that Emma loves her mother no matter what the adults think of her, and keeping Annie away is just hurting the sweet child. Remember how Trevor was adamant about Janet staying away from Amanda? How did that turn out? Without getting too “real,” it is never good for children to be put in the middle of their parents' problems. 

I don’t wish this on a child, but if Emma's fall was that bad, you might think she would have broken something, right? 

Oh, by the way, I never saw the last scene with Emma and Annie coming, did you? 

The lunacy about Kendall is getting absurd. By now doesn’t everyone know Kendall is not in jail? David did comment on how healthy Kendall appeared. What I was wondering, nobody noticed her makeup was perfect? 

Are they going to write out Zach either getting killed, running away, or going to jail? I really wish they would find a way to entice him to stay and make the commute. I know he was not happy when his contract was up for renewal, but he did re-sign. Can’t they find some way to persuade him? I realized today that taping in NYC will be ending in a month, looks like they are wrapping up Zach’s storyline for his exit from the show. Boy, will I miss him!  

We know pretty much Adam killed his brother, but how are they going to reveal it? What will happen to Adam: jail, nothing or Oak Haven? I am kind of upset if he and Annie don’t get married. Believe it or not I think they both do love each other. 

I cannot wait until everyone finds out who really killed Stuart, and Annie can shove it back in their faces. 

What did Annie tell Scott that he is so certain that her story of Adam killing his father is the truth?

I appreciate Jacob Young’s commitment to the S/L and actually shaving his hair for the storyline, but these days, men shaving the hair off is not that big of a deal. My husband shaves his head two times a week, and so many athletes and celebrities are head shaved it is not as a big a deal for a man, more so for a woman. 

So Greenlee (Rebecca Budig) is going to come back. That settles the bet on who Nurse Gail is watching for David. I am getting tired of her coming and going. You eventually get used to her and then it is, “Oh, I am leaving the show again, write my character out.”

Is anyone actually working in PV? Randi mentioned going to Fusion, but I don’t think she ever left the hospital. Who is running Cambias, Chandler Enterprises, Fusion? 

Where is Spike? Who is watching him? I guess we have to “believe” it is one of Ryan’s convenient babysitters: Corinna or Opal. So I guess New Mommy Bailey was left to watch not only an infant but Ian as well? No offense, but baby Stuart looks like the cartoon baby on Family Guy. 

With AMC going out west, and VI (David) staying on, wouldn’t it be great if Marj Dusay (Vanessa) would return? She now has two grandchildren, and a great-grandson. How do you think she would feel about that? 

On a personal note, a lot of posters have been hard on the actress Denise Vasi (Randi). People talk about her acting skills and her alleged inability to remember her lines. I am pretty sure that when many of the now known, heavy hitters (Lucci, Canary, Kaye, Knight and others) first started they were a bit “raw.” I had the pleasure of meeting her when I went down to the studio this past August, and Denise was so sweet about me taking her picture, and when the pen I had wouldn’t work and I became frantic trying to find my backup before she got inpatient, she assured me to calm down, and she would wait until I got another pen. That to me shows she has a lot of class and was raised with manners and in time I am sure she will improve on any of her acting skills that fans have been tough on her for. 

I was very curious to see what was going to happen when Liza came back to town and ran into Jesse. She did accuse him of raping her when they were younger, and Jesse had to run off to NYC. When Liza showed up at the hospital and Jesse found out the Kendall Double hit her, I thought it was nice of him to ask if she was okay. It looks like they have both matured in that respect and moved on.

I also met Aiden Turner when I went to the City. He actually snuck up behind me. He was very sweet and took a picture. He is as handsome in person or better! I am sorry that they cut him from the show, but they have always had trouble finding a storyline for him and a female romantic co-star. He has been with Kendall, Maria, Di, Erin, Greenlee, and Annie. (Am I missing anyone?) I guess they are literally killing off Aidan? 

What money are Tad and KWAK living on? How many bedrooms are in that house? It expands and contracts at will. 

This would have been the time that Zach could have used his brother-in-law Josh. I always thought it was a mistake to have him killed off the show. 

The Best Line of the Week:

Jesse: “Kendall, can’t you talk to your husband”?
Kendall: “Have you met my husband”? 

Are they ever going to let us know who killed Dixie, instead of Babe? I think it is going to turn out to be Marissa. I have said it before I think she found all about her real and adoptive parents on her own, did not take being lied to very well. She somehow caused her adoptive parents' car accident. (If her dad fell asleep while driving, maybe she drugged him?) Then she went after her twin sister Babe, out of jealousy and to hurt her real parents David and KWAK. 

          I will be back next week with more observations and questions.

                    Well, that’s about all for now. Have a great week.

                           I would love to hear from any of my readers.

                                  Patti G


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Read all about Patti's visit to AMC's NYC studios on 8/17/09.

Page updated 5/25/10

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