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Random Thoughts
By Patti G

Back with more observations and questions.

I started thinking about Marissa. I still think she is too good to be true and may be more like her daddy than we know. She talked about having no family. Well, I disagree. Sure she missed out on knowing Uncle Leo, and half sister Leora and twin Babe. However, she has her nephew Little A, and half sister Jenny. She also has her Uncle Trey who I guess is still in prison for arson, and of course, there is her cousin Maggie. Maybe Dad should tell her about crazy crime czar grandma Vanessa.

I love VI, and he is the perfect bad guy, nothing redeemable about him. However I did always care for the character more when they gave him some human qualities. His marriage to Anna, his love for Leora and brother Leo, and he could be a friend, like to Bianca and Kendall when the Cambias trail was going on. It just makes him more dimensional.

Is Fusion even still in business? Nobody is there, not even Erica who was pitching in to help save the company for her daughter. Babe and Greenlee – gone, Amanda –quit, Randi – Germany (did she even tell her employer she was leaving?). I think Fusion has run its course and needs to be put to rest.


I am a little bored by the storyline for Frankie and Randi especially when you have a real veteran with real disabilities on the show. Perhaps Frankie would have preferred to lose his legs instead? Then they just could have lowered the OR table down to his wheelchair. From what I see, unless his hands are actually gone, he has no idea what use they will eventually have. While he might not have the dexterity for surgery, he might still have a future as a doctor.

I have heard Ms. Lucci is going to have a storyline with Ryan. That may be interesting. I still have not thought the whole thing out. Kind of weird though, Ryan with his almost mother-in-law? If Erica and Ryan do hook up as the “voices” have said, Kendall’s head is going to explode.

I have said it before, I liked the Annie and Aidan romance, though I thought that Annie may have jumped to Aidan too quickly. I also hate Aidan getting dumped again by another PV woman. However, that being said, I do think it can be very interesting pairing Adam and Annie. It is about time she had a “Big Dog” in her corner. 

Okay, does Liza have any clothes in colors other than black? When she asks Colby if she wanted to move in with her, did she mean her room at The Yacht Club? Why does Colby need money from Liza, when she turned 18, didn’t she get any access to some Chandler funds?

I am thinking that now that Jake and Amanda are getting married and if it turns out Jake is the father, will he go back on his promise to Liza that no one would ever take “her” baby away? Won’t he want his child? Imagine if Amanda finds out what he and Liza were planning. Will that be their conflict to abort the new happiness?

Best Line in a long time: Spoken by Chief Hubbard: “Take a walk, a nap or a pill. I don’t care.”

The rumor is that Alicia Minshew is pregnant. Could be true as the last week or so I notice they only show her from the waist up, close-ups, or something is in front of her. Anyone hear anything about the story? Please let me know.

I really have a problem with JR and Colby. They love their father and hate back and forth so often I get whiplash. I mean they hate him so much and being a “Chandler” but like the perks that come with it, don’t they? Tough life they have living at the mansion with staff and no responsibilities. There are people there to look after “Little A” at a moment's notice, cars, clothes, food, etc. You get my drift. And didn’t Adam originally want Colby to go away to college, now he is upset she is getting her own apartment in town?

Forgetting the letters Liza wrote, couldn’t Colby call her mother and ask why have you not got in touch? Couldn’t Marian have told Colby that her mother was trying to get in touch with her? I find the whole S/L silly.

Kendall tripped over something that night and it now is supposed to be David. How could he have just scurried away so quickly without her seeing him? I thought at first she may have tripped over “Little A” or some toy of his, but a grown man? 

Where has Erica been? 

Happy for Amanda and Jake. They both deserve some happiness (for a while anyway). Secondly, I know the wedding was spur of the moment, but they couldn’t call Ruth and Joe to come by to be there? I also think if Amanda keeps the baby, since it is a boy, they will name him Trevor. That would be nice. 

Since when can hospitals (doctors and/or nurses) give patient information to people not related to the patient? Isn’t that against the law? 

I think Annie is going to become the next Mrs. Adam Chandler. He will get her pregnant, siring another heir, and it will, of course, be a boy that they will name Stuart. 

Kendall has two children by two different men. Both of her children have health issues. Isn’t it possible that Kendall is the genetic carrier and maybe should consider not having any more children? 

I worked in the ER as a security guard, and I know that any prisoner admitted must be not only guarded, but definitely has to be handcuffed to the gurney or bed. Why is Annie not handcuffed and able to leave if she could? She considered it briefly when she found the cop sleeping outside her door. 

Airlines do not usually like women after 7 months to fly just for the reason that happened, premature labor. 

                    Well, that’s about all for now. Have a great week.

                           I would love to hear from any of my readers.

                                Patti G


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