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Rant #4
By Kariyaki

Last week, some ugly clothes were worn and bad decisions were made.  Thatís it, thank you very much.  Sorry.  Iím a bit giddy from going to that Super Soap Weekend.  Twas much fun. 

I was supposed to go with a couple of friends but at the last minute they had to work this weekend.  I said, "To hell with you two, I'm going anyway."  So I went by myself.  Here are my encounters and Iíll refer to the actors by their character names because itís just easier for me. 

I saw Simone in the bathroom but I didn't say anything to her.  Bothering someone in the bathroom is kinda tacky. 

Almost ran smack into Maggie.  I just said, "Oh sorry," and kept going, all the while wondering to myself why she looked familiar.  Then the light bulb came on.  Well duh. 

Met Kendall.  She is even more gorgeous in person than on the show.  I didn't think that was possible.  Her hair looks different in person though.  It's really curly.  Apparently, they mousse it a whole bunch to straighten it out a bit for the show. 

Ryan took his shirt off per request.  Thatís dedication to the fans, I tell ya.  

While waiting for Bianca, I saw Brooke and Jake.  Brooke is so nice.  She was always waving to the fans and was so gracious.  The thing that excited me the most about seeing Jake was noticing that he had gotten a haircut.  It's about time. 

Also in passing, I saw Liza, Adam, Edmund, Maria, Vanessa, David, Jack, Opal, Tad and I hope Iím not missing anybody although Iím sure I am.  They were all so adorable in person. 

A few times a day, they had a Q&A with five of the stars.  The Q&A I went to had Bianca, Maggie, Kendall, Chris and Erica.  They were asked questions from the audience.  Here are each of their responses as best I could glean from my memory. 

Bianca is from Washington DC and she said she was somewhat of an outcast because of her tendency to dress strangely.  She wanted to act since she saw her brother perform in a small play and wanted to do it too.  Her mother said she could and that she could quit anytime she wanted.  She couldn't imagine ever wanting to quit. 

Maggie is from some New York suburb.  Because she was small, she was always getting locked in lockers just because she fit into them and the guys would throw her around and play catch with her. 

Kendall is from Ft. Lauderdale.  Her mom was from Brooklyn (here is where she did the Brooklyn accent which was pretty funny) and her dad was from Alabama.  She was Homecoming Queen in high school.   

Chris is from Brooklyn.  He got into acting in 1980 after getting on the wagon. Here is where Erica accidentally dropped her microphone and Chris says, "Yes, I'm sober."  Erica plays along and responds, "This is you sober?" 

Erica is also from a New York suburb.  She was in theater and was a cheerleader.  She liked to play-act in the house as a child and didn't socialize with other kids much until her mother purposely locked her out of the house so she'd make friends.  She and her new friends would then put on neighborhood plays.  She has a dog that she got before she won the Emmy.  She couldn't decide what to name it at first and someone suggested Emmy since she didn't have one yet.  Her husband said to hell with Emmy, name him Oscar.  Which they did. 

Okay, the show.  Iím giving the abridged version this week: 

David and Anna Ė I still donít care about them.  Although, David gave Maggie the key to his hotel room and said she could stay there, but we didnít see hide nor hair of her afterwards.  And David and Anna didnít seem worried that she would walk in on them. 

Kendall and Ryan Ė They were just cute all damn week.  But I wish theyíd just get it on already.  The kiss on Friday is certainly a step in the right direction.  (Also, I heard from Kendall herself that they taped their first love scene last week, so itís gonna happen.)

The Chandlers Ė The angst over Lizaís medical problem is played very well.  Glad to see Hayley in the mix, for once.  And could Colby be more adorable?

 Enchantment Ė First of all, the scene with Erica, Kendall and Greenlee reminded me of ďGulliverís TravelsĒ with Kendall as Gulliver and Erica and Greenlee as the Liliputians.  Kendall just towers over them.  Secondly, I loved the look on Greenleeís face when Kendall demanded her job.  Overlooked a small detail in the planning, didnít you Greenlee?


Here we go again with Kendall and the ugly clothes.  Did she get dressed in the dark on Tuesday?  A blue shirt with brown high-waisted pants?  The same pants, I might add, that she wore with the Fugly Choker Blouse oh, those many weeks ago.  The outfit wouldíve looked fine had she just worn different pants.  I would have chosen the Black Leather Pants of Eeeeevil, myself.  And donít get me started about Fridayís shirt.  It looked like she put her lingerie on over her t-shirt.   

And Ericaís making my list now.  That purple outfit thing she was wearing was a good color on her but the sheer material, the slit sleeves and the shiny skirt make for a bad combination.

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Updated 9/28/10

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